by Gossamer Games


Sole is an atmospheric, emotion-driven adventure game about a lonely ball of light living in a world shrouded in darkness. Players drop into a dark, abandoned world full of towns and cities in various forms of ruin, only to quickly discover they are the last life left - and the only form of light the world has. Leaving a permanent trail of light behind wherever they go, it is up to the player to explore and solve puzzles to discover the history of a civilization that has now disappeared. 

Sole is currently in production by Gossamer Games awaiting release for Android/iOS, Xbox One, and Mac/PC. (For more information about the game, visit their site here.) 


I worked on Sole as a 3D Environment Artist on a small team including one other 3D Environment Artist, a Technical Artist/Programmer, and a Sound Designer. I was primarily responsible for modeling organic environment objects such as rocks/cliffs, foliage, ponds and rivers, and terrain of different region types (i.e. mountains, swamps, beaches). 

In Sole, the player roams an open environment as a ball of light that leaves a permanent trail of light behind them. This was done using vertex painting, and so certain areas needed a dense mesh to function properly. As a 3D modeler, I worked to maintain a delicate balance between having a low poly count that worked on mobile platforms and still having dense meshes in any areas where the light trail could possibly reach. 

Some of my other work on Sole includes: 

  • 3D modeling the occasional architectural object to fit the existent art style of a level. 
  • Unwrapping and texturing environmental objects. (I usually created a grayscale texture in Photoshop/Illustrator that would then be color tinted in Unity, so one texture file could be reused in multiple ways). 
  • Developing a visual style for the game's textures, as well as a unique color palette for each level in the game. 
  • Creating "light murals", converted into textures with light mapping, for use within the game to help visually tell the story of the game's world.  
  • Producing concept art as needed for specific objects, general aesthetics, map layouts, etc. (Using Photoshop, Illustrator, and traditional art tools) 
  • Assisting in the design of level layouts and puzzles for each level. 
  • Making promotional artwork as needed - key art and posters, business cards, fliers, and website content to help promote Sole and Gossamer Games both online and in-person at public events and workshops. 

The programs I used most for my work on Sole were Maya, Unity, and the Adobe Suite (most commonly Photoshop and Illustrator). I also often used group file sharing programs like SourceTree/BitBucket and Google Drive. 



The images below are examples of some of the newest promotional materials I had created for the game. Most were initially created for Intel's Student Games Competition at GDC (Game Developer's Conference, in San Francisco) in early March 2017. Gossamer Games also used the designs for other events such as Smithsonian's American Art Museum's SAAM Arcade and Philly Tech Week, and other online needs. Some designs below were also created for a Kickstarter campaign that ran during Summer 2017. (Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who helped us reach out goal! Check out the page or place a pre-order here


Below are some of the "light murals" I created that can be found in Sole. Murals were designed to give players some hints as to what happened to the world before they arrived. The murals also do not need to be found to complete the game's puzzles, so they could add to subsequent play-throughs if the player then finds murals they missed in their first round. At the end of the game, one final mural can be found explaining how and why all of the murals were created within the game world's lore.