The Knowledge We Seek

by Polyscape Games


The Knowledge We Seek is a Co-Op game in which one player (the God of Knowledge) uses a tablet and the other (the Prophet) uses a virtual reality headset to enter a fictional world together. The game tasks the team with overthrowing the corrupt deities residing there: the Goddess of Happiness and the God of Dreams. The players can only succeed by combining the different pieces of information they can see with their very different perspectives to solve puzzles.  Polyscape's diverse team of 11 students - several being international - wanted to look for inspiration in styles of art that are not typically seen in games. The resulting decision was that the unique aesthetic design of the world would be heavily inspired by Japanese Shinto and Middle Eastern architecture.


The game served as the team's Senior Thesis project and was playable on Android and iOS tablets for the God of Knowledge player, and Gear VR and the Oculus Rift for the Prophet player. Polyscape Games had the opportunity to showcase The Knowledge We Seek at Philly Tech Week 2016, Drexel's 1st Annual Game Developer's Conference, Drexel's Digital Media Senior Showcase of 2016 (held at the International House), in addition to other local Philadelphia events. 

:My work on The Knowledge We Seek:

  • 3D modeling, texturing and lighting the "Main Hall" level using Photoshop, Maya and Unity (for both the VR and Tablet builds). 
  • 3D modeling, texturing and assembling several objects in the "Goddess of Happiness" level using Photoshop, Maya and Unity (for the VR builds). 
  • Creating concept art for architectural elements as needed. 
  • Designing promotional materials including websites, business cards, art books and posters, as well as running public play sessions at local festivals and social events. 
  • Creating and maintaining efficient and realistic deadlines for myself within the three rigorous 10-week courses given for our Senior Thesis completion.