Nina DeLucia

3D Modeler
Concept Artist
Green Tea Addict


Digital Designer



About the Artist

Nina DeLucia is a recent graduate from Drexel University with a Bachelor's of Science in Animation & Visual FX.  Some of her interests include baking, experimenting with mixed-media art, and both playing and designing video games. She is currently living in the greater Philadelphia area and works for Gossamer Games as a 3D Environment Designer and Concept Artist. 


As a transfer student with a few extra free credits to fill, she also obtained dual minors in Art History and Fine Arts while at Drexel. This came from a belief that being curious, hard working, and as well rounded as possible will make life much more interesting at the end of the day. Classes for these minors included a variety of different topics - like studying ancient Chinese pottery, learning to read Aztec maps, assembling tile mosaics, and carving contemporary woodblock prints. Nina's love of all art forms has always served as a rich source of inspiration for her work.