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Hi there!  I'm a digital artist currently living and working in the greater Philadelphia area. Take a look at some of my work, learn more about me, and grab a copy of my resume here! 





I currently live in Washington Crossing, PA (about a 45-minute drive north of Philadelphia). My family owns and operates the Bucks County Racquet Club there, an indoor/outdoor tennis club where I still pick up the occasional desk shift when I'm not working in Philly. Through the years, I have filled a few different shoes there... from working the front desk to running photoshoots with the summer campers for brochures, and even teaching some of the junior tennis classes (fun fact: I was PTR certified as a junior instructor at 16). Once I was in college I was strictly part-time in the summer or over breaks, but began helping out with more managerial tasks though, like training new employees. 

Although I was very inevitably involved in sports as a child, I also was highly interested in art and eventually found myself in AP art classes in high school. I loved art, and I loved video games, so before long I began to spot some of the real-life architecture styles in my Art History class that had inspired many of my favorite games. I decided to study animation and game design in college. I began as an undergrad at Philadelphia University in (you guessed it!) Philadelphia, PA.  After my first year I decided to make a move, and transferred to Drexel University where I graduated about a year ago with a Bachelor's in Science in 3D Animation and Visual FX.  With an interest in 2D digital design, a love of art, and complete disregard for the need to sleep, I also earned two minors in Fine Arts and Art History.  

The majority of my decision to transfer to Drexel sat with their 10 week trimesters and Co-Op program (the rest simply sat with it being in the city, to be honest!) - the Animation major offered Drexel's single 6-month Co-Op cycle option. During my Junior year summer I took on a Graphic Design internship at InksterPrints ("InksterInc" at the time), a local branding and apparel printing company in Philly. I arrived just in time to help them move into their new store on South Street. Caught between a pet shop, a punk apparel boutique, a Starbucks, and an urban-style barber shop, there was never a dull moment - I loved it and learned quite a bit. I designed a whole dresser's worth of t-shirts for myself, and many more for customers. They would take walk-in and bulk orders alike, but one of the most popular types of orders I helped fill were uniforms for restaurants, gyms, community events, etc. I went on to stay with Inkster part-time during my Senior year at Drexel, doing graphic and web design up until my graduation in the summer of 2016. 

After graduation, I began to focus more on game design work in the Philly area. I started working alongside a small team at Gossamer Games, a local Philly start-up that began in Drexel's Entrepreneurial Games Studio.  We started seeing some success with our first title Sole, getting nominated for (and winning a few) student and professional awards as we moved into production. I also began working with the Chemical Heritage Foundation on a game prototype through Gossamer Games. The game recreates paintings from the museum's collection in 3D and allows players to experience what it felt like to be an alchemist in Europe during the golden age of western alchemy. I currently work at Gossamer to create concept art, 3D models and textures for Sole and any other projects the company takes on.